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In the land of fire and ice

the great love of my life lives up in the sky I can only hope that when I die the Gods will be kind and send us to plains of flowers and rain perpetual beauty a world without pain we’ll sip nectars and wines of worlds from whence we came dream up songs and silly…

Nature gives no warnings.

The glacier crumbles under warm rain. The earth cracks and opens, spewing hot lava from fissures into the clean air. In this world of wonders, great tides take our feeble houses, without warning. We are left with nothing, save an awe of the earth’s aliveness. Dare I make a spectacle of the sun? Or of…

Curious scientist of the soul

In lands of love Barefoot Breaking control Seven cities Float in the clouds Above Below Between worlds We can see now How it all changes Swim or sink Like a little stone Melt in the lulls Of breath exchanges Dreams that flood Ancient craters Lead us fearlessly Into the darkness That made us  To transform…