Buddha Baby

Barefoot on slick marble blue

Come home to kneel

In the shadow of a white statue

Bloody nailbeds and bruised knees

You beg for reprieve

When really, you’re just begging to be seen

By eyes that cannot blink

Inscriptions in tongues you cannot speak

What’s the sound of Buddha’s laugh?

Love his sunny honey glow

What if I have no good thoughts?

No holy words to show

Do you think they can’t see the tattoos

Through the sheer baby pink kimono?

Flowery flower-child fool

Little giggling buddha babies

Could never be so cruel

Monks don’t mock

They live in prayer

Don’t worry, I’m not goin’ nowhere

Throw your naked body on the marble sheen

In the glow of the sultry red lantern

As you listen to the song Seventeen

The lonely temple begs to dance

So, toss your golden hair

Don’t you worry

I’m not goin’ nowhere

But don’t let the white marble fool you child

Rocks can’t laugh

But at least you smiled

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