To tell a story with dance…

How do we tell stories through the way we move?

Can we?

Should we?

Do we, inevitably?

If we are improvising, then we are always simultaneously crafting and telling a story in the present moment

The author

The observer

The narrator

What is the story that I’m trying to tell?

Am I choosing to tell this story?

Or is it unfolding on its own?

But its not on its own

It’s my story – our story – so it can only exist with me, us

Belonging to it, it belonging to us,

Us belonging to one another

Belonging, moving, shaping,

Creating possibility

How much is possible?

If I am the creator, then I am free to create


What are the limitations?

Aspects of my physical reality

Assumptions, presumptions of the mind

So, my body and my mind

Beyond these bounds, there is an infinite realm of possibility within the fine fractions of every breath

I cannot possibly comprehend the vast array of stories that could be told

I like some things and do those things

Dislike some things and don’t do those things

But how can I know if I like or dislike what I do not yet know?

The greatest story worth unfolding is that which has never been born

How fearful, frightful is the unknown

How uncomfortable it is to be strange

But then, how beautiful it is to taste a possibility that was once unknown and thereby glimpse into the infinite realm of all potentiality – all possibility

This is the realm of the imagination

The place where reality can be bent and broken

The divine space where dreams are born


Un – know

To enter into the unknown, we must first master the art of un-knowing

What is un-knowing?

Curiosity, wonder, allowing, accepting the most bizarre

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child

Am I telling a story?

Whose story is this?

Is this my story?

Our story?

I watch as we unfold

Pray that I never cross the same path twice

Footsteps disappear behind me like sand washed away by the tide

I can only be in the present, always asking – what am I now?

How am I now?

What do I feel?

How am I being?

(change is inevitable – nothing can be repeated)

I am inevitably me

All I can do is be

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