to live by the sea

“What a dream it must be

To live by the sea”

Yet the waters and wild never sleep

Below this old balcony

Palms thrash in the wind

Waves crash on rocks again and again

But then

Eyes follow swells into the bay

Then further

Where the water deepens into a darker shade

The relentless roar in my ear

Fades to squiggles of white froth

That arise and disappear

Out of and into nowhere

Only at the foot of my door

Do the waters wage war

What of the great waves and monsoons

That swallow ships in one gulp

The place where whales sing and kiss the air

Bat water mountains with monumental fins

Carve craters fit for asteroids

In oceans so deep

Who knows what walks the earth down there

From here

It’s all blue

The ocean knows not of the thing that unites us all

Yet it is

And how often must we forget

That when we gaze into the blue

We see one, not two

All, never fewer, never few

Immortal glue

Binds the soul to itself again


Remove the cloak of this heavenly body

Be worn again

In the place where whales sing

Listen for silence

You see

Everything is calm on the infinite horizon

Where endless sky meets endless sea

Where duality dissolves into eternal peace

Forever united

Forever free

Forever still

’til the kettle whistle calls for tea

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