Oxytocin Rush

Primal plea

Just one touch

Spine on spine

Cheek to knee

Limbs sail

Crash into the floor

Crash into the walls

Traverse the veil

Whirl me

Just one more time

Just one touch

Is all I need

Radius meets scapula

Hip joint locked to hip joint

Lungs crack open to breathe

Take the open hand

Never stop whirling

Until the song must end

Fist full of button-down

Mismatch socks

And a squeal

I go to move

Beg to heal

Share the weight of a stranger

Who shares the artists’ heart

Go to move

Dare to part

From the dawn of the unsung song

We’re whirling still

After the music fades

And skin starts to peel

Fold gently

Fade sweetly

Air to air

Embryo to dust

Purplish black ink in your palm

Pours my neck into the floor

Your dance lends my soul to bend

Just one touch

And I can breathe again

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