I curl my little blue toe in your direction

Hate you fiercely while you set it straight

Relax, you say


Don’t dare tell me how to be

I, a man

And you, a beast

My pledged partner

Rare companion

Your heart thumps against my shin

And mine against your neck

Relax, you say

No, not yet

I tug at leather straps

Feel your teeth along in my spine

A horn howls

A shrill whine

We erupt from the dust

Steel heels thrust

Into your soft belly

You tear the skin from my fingers and palms

Our feverish gallop gathers in the first bend

And there, just ahead

A wall

Solid brick and cackling with delight

It begs for fear to drive us down into the sand

You’ve already seen it

You feel my hunger

And I feel your lust

You charge into it like a blind bull

I lean back and gather your body

Like a spring

The count down begins

Three strides

I glare through the space between your ears into the abyss

Two strides

Grind my pelvis into your spine

One stride

And I let go

Comb my blistered fingers into your wiry mane

Relax, I whisper

And set you free to fly

Over and into the impossible feat

Gleefully breaking into the eye of the storm

A perfect moment of blissful release

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