A heavenly sacred place

Where dragonflies swarm and flowers lift little faces

To the morning sun who kisses gentle fern fingers

Spill on the clear water that blankets still-sleeping boulders

Awake in a nest of wispy pink lace

Smells like fresh paint and wrinkling flowers

Melt into the charred pot

You bought yesterday to burn this morning’s popcorn

The green tarp waits

Always unfolded

For your restless skeleton

Thighs and elbows thick like ravioli

Wrap the strap around stubborn thumbs

Flip through pages of the Bhagavad Gita

The empty space

The silence

The place where you softly pray

And wait for creation to awake

It’s uncomfortable

Rather bite your own heels

And shepherd your human condition

Out and around

Up and down

Return with bloody toes

Deaf in one ear

To the heavenly place

Where dragonflies swarm

They dance a song you already know

Creation is here

In the den of this lovely home

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