Yellow Dress

I see

A girl in a yellow dress

Paint-stained nail beds

A spackle of spaghetti mess

Palms hold eyes that beg for peace

As waters tip fishing boats into quaky seas

The wind arrives with a gentle hello

Spirals and tousles soft blonde locks

Traverses the gaping prospect of an open window

Dissolves before it is ever caught

By eyes that care only to look up

Blind to the draped chiffon that wraps around a mother’s shoulder

Like a prayer

Forehead grazes cheek

And sighs breathe plumes of ethereal air

We strain to decipher the mysterious lines in seagull feathers

And the mythical stories painted in the spaces between stars

Our human faces flayed by the fierce light

Of the luminiferous aether

As andromeda’s lonely song echoes from afar

A son’s arm lovingly wraps around his father’s neck

Reaching further and further

Never too far

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