“why do i do it again?”

“why”, you ask

but the spine does not care

it loves to follow

spontaneous flair

so, begin to move

but you’ve already begun

to fall into the flow

to let go

let go

let go

what is this hand, limb, foot, finger

and curious head?

where will it go as the neck droops down

who’s leading us where?

what is being led?

the spine does not ask questions

it does not care

it loves to dive deep

into every pocket of air

between fragile vertebrae

that bend and crackle

until the body melts into the rubber floor

like a liquified puddle

whose surface ripples with every touch and embrace

moved by the delicate invitation of another humble face

doubled-over and breathing


ripple becomes wave

a spin, a sway

any which wonderful way

we fall, we float, we play

two, maybe three

and of course, our unchosen companion: Gravity

an impalpable form but a sense that holds memories dear

it says, we belong together


moving through ceaseless inhibition

with a direction wondrously unclear

over and under

through and throughout

pulling and breaching

abolition of precarious doubt

drop into the body

drop into the space

drop out of the world

that so oft has no place

for such raw revelations

such baring of an unbound soul


and with a giggle, a thump, a cry and a twirl

listen for the unmasked call

that beckons us to learn

to understand

what is means

to be human again

then fall

roll over

and begin again


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