Show it to me Squeeze it into the flesh between my ribs Tell me your true name Without words or letters or cultured sounds As you cradle my neck Six feet underground


The sun reclines onto a dreamy pool of chiffon Rich with hues of tangerine and persimmon Periwinkle, azure and all flavors of sherbet cream The third-eye aperture blinks to capture a gleam Only to dissolve in memory’s fickle flight A polaroid processing in a dance of reversal delight The sky has many lessons to teach … Continue reading Sky


A heavenly sacred place Where dragonflies swarm and flowers lift little faces To the morning sun who kisses gentle fern fingers Spill on the clear water that blankets still-sleeping boulders Awake in a nest of wispy pink lace Smells like fresh paint and wrinkling flowers Melt into the charred pot You bought yesterday to burn … Continue reading Serene


Inside the temple Is where it’s most quiet Where painted stories speak dainty truths Colorful and wise Go to the temple and pray Troubled child Pray and pray Until your limbs gently ache Then listen Hear the sorrow of your own weeping heart You ask again and again When, how it breaks Lay down your … Continue reading Fresco


Show me how to grow patiently Into an empty sky Show me how to grow Nowhere Without asking Why Teach me to be still and open While the insects feast Teach me never to turn away From the curious face of a child so close And the fingers that reach to embrace Though they may … Continue reading Flower


I curl my little blue toe in your direction Hate you fiercely while you set it straight Relax, you say No Don’t dare tell me how to be I, a man And you, a beast My pledged partner Rare companion Your heart thumps against my shin And mine against your neck Relax, you say No, … Continue reading Relax