Where is my attention?

To let go of intention?

Move inward

Seek outward


Find a curious resemblance

When I strip down dependance

On others to complete me

It turns, inevitably

To interdependence.



Unfold and collapse.

Violent and still.

The gentlest thrill

In each gap and lapse

Where attention shines oddly

Strange colors and sounds

Questions, holy and ungodly.

Watch how it moves

With each quiver and shake

Through, away, in and out

Painstakingly staked

With great care to be nothing

Empty and opaque

A vessel for poetry

To spontaneously awake.

Touch becomes sound

Light turns to dust

Find solace in the black floor

And continuously adjust

To the unpredictable rhythm of this empty space

You love to, you must

Offer it all your trust.

In a whirl



Always the same game

Same name

Same self I am facing.

Always me

My own flavor of sweet

For others to taste

In this melting pot, we stir presence

Into ever-moving waves

Of soupy surprise 

Even when I close my eyes

I cannot blind myself from your familiar scent

It lingers in the mix of everyone’s sweat

Where on my shoulders it lovingly ferments.

Marionettes left to our own subjection

Tying strings to each other’s toes

We pull blindly, playfully

In any direction

With care


Without intention

Simply loving the joyful absurdity

Celebrating our predilection for misdirection.

So, we spin and spin

In this little circle

Around and around

As the world turns 

On its head

In our heads

In the world 

We create together.

Then, as I turn to go

You remain with me still

As I remain

Forever bound

To our mutual poetic exitance

Thus, I am fulfilled!

So it is to be

Always connected

So it is to be




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