Silent Conversations

Dear dancer,

Today is a gift. Dancing together in silent conversation for many hours. Exchanging careful witnessing and play. Poetic undertakings. Playful investigations of improvisation. Scientists of the soul. We are here to dance, discover, uncover and love. Arriving as a raw self, ready to be painted and flavored by a curious context. I am in love with the mystery of life, and the way you carry it in your blood and bones. The way you take a tiny box and flip it inside out, stretch the fabric to flap the air and pierce the earth. Make a ridicule of time, gesturing like a humorous magician. Fold me up, slice me into slivers and stick me in your pocket to keep until death, when I might playfully escape again.

Your gaze is a blessing, that I may unfurl feathers and talons. Turn my skin turquoise and the sky into an ebony slate for me to paint odd shapes and half-told stories. Up is down and down is up. Down is up and up is down. Here, we may live together forever, in the in-between. In the dreamland of creative un-becoming. To listen is to love. The real question is, can I open my heart wide enough to let the light shine through? Wait for it in the stillness. Listen for it in the silence.

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